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How can you become GDPR compliant?

Goals and Governance


Data Flows


Data Subjects

Create GDPR Goals and Governance

Create & Maintain must-have Records of Processing Activities

Map Data Flows within Your Company

Get Your Vendors GDPR Compliant

Prepare for Data Subject Rights

Goals and Governance

Create GDPR Goals and Governance


Create & Maintain must-have Records of Processing Activities

Data Flows

Map Data Flows within Your Company


Get Your Vendors GDPR Compliant

Data Subjects

Prepare for Data Subject Rights

Why should you use

Simple path to follow and become GDPR compliant

Saves 70% GDPR preparation and documentation time

Automated reporting for authorities and management

Easy coordination within your company

Having a GDPR management system reduces risk and liability


“The takes you by the hand and guides you through GDPR compliance, with its intuitive design you will find your way around the program in no time. If there is an issue thanks to the outstanding service you will get a quick response. You can easily upload all your important documents to have them central in one place whenever you need them.”

—  Inhouse Lawyer & DPO – Tanja Voigt from Movinga GmbH

We have helped 300+ companies become compliant

8008 Processing Completed

1125 Vendors Managed

300 DPOs Appointed

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“ECOMPLY team has cracked the complicated GDPR for me in a step-by-step process. They have all the required modules needed for the GDPR. It takes out the headache from GDPR compliance making it clear and very user-friendly.”

—  Tomer Aharon, Co-founder at Poptin

Want to learn more? Features:

Clear instructions towards GDPR compliance

Easy to use (Get your team onboard!)

Compliance Progress Tracking

Multi-user management for teams

Export everything to beautiful PDF reports

1-Click Assignment of Data Flows

Automatic reminders

All-in-one platform for data protection efforts

Automatic vendor management

Compliance Badge to demonstrate compliance

100s of Templates

Compliance for both controllers and processors

Who is for? has made data protection management easier. The following staff in an organization is usually working with ECOMPLY.


Because you are personally liable and need a system you can rely on

CTO/Product Managers

Because helps you to keep track data flows & IT in your organisation


Because you want to put your know-how into the system as fast as possible

Head of Legal/General Counsels

Because you can focus on the hard questions while takes care of the routines

Internal Data Protection Officers

Because you want an easy-to-use system on your side you can rely on

External Data Protection Officers

Because you want to manage all your clients efficiently

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“Removes a lot of hassle, good for a busy management team, Aazar is forthcoming with help. I like this app – very easy to use and actually makes me WANT to get compliant faster. They have made form-filling kind of fun. This gives me the peace of mind”

— Neil Napier, CEO at Kyvio

Want to learn more?

What parts of the GDPR are covered by

Data Protection Goals and Governance

Cover GDPR Article 5: Show that your organization takes data protection seriously and has an organizational structure that supports effective data protection.

Product Screenshot - Declare Your Data Protection Goals
Product Screenshot - Select Processing Activities

Records of Processing Activities

Cover GDPR Articles Articles 6, 9, 30, 42, 49: Build a Records of Processing Activities that reflects internally and externally where and how personal data is being processed.

Data Subject Access Requests

Cover GDPR Articles 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22: Know how to respond when a customer or other person asks to be informed/updated/deleted.

Product Screenshot - Data Subject Access Request
Product Screenshot - Technical and Organization Measures

Technical and Organizational Measures and Policies

Cover GDPR Articles 24, 25, 28: Make sure you have the right technical measures in place to protect personal data.

Vendor Management

Cover GDPR Article 29, 46: Document other companies you are exchanging data with and make sure they are not increasing your liability.

Product Screenshot - Select Vendors
Product Screenshot - Declare Your Data Protection Officer

Designation of Data Protection Officer

Cover GDPR Articles 37, 38, 39: Find out if you need a DPO and appoint one if applicable.

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Great work with  We are a US-based global aerospace technology company and needed exactly what you have created to become compliant quickly and easily.  Your UX/UI is intuitive and enjoyable to use. Thank you for making compliance simple for companies of every size!

— Kristin Huntley, Marketing Manager at Ultrax Aerospace

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Do you take any liability or give any guarantee to your customers?

We do not take any liability for our customers. There’s no guarantee that by using our software you won’t get fined. Nobody can guarantee you that. Guarantees like these given by anyone should be a red flag for you.

I already have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), Why do I still need your software?

Good that you have a DPO. They are currently juggling with Excel Sheets and Word Documents. Later, they need to create reports for your customers. We provide 1-click reporting for your DPO.

Who needs ECOMPLY?

Every company that is working with data and uses that data in any way needs ECOMPLY. The size of the company does not matter.

I have less than 250 employees, do I still need to use your software?

If your company processes, uses, and stores data then you need our software. For example, a five people company developing a photo creating app needs us because they process a lot of personal data in the app.

What if there is a feature missing in ECOMPLY?

If there is a feature you are missing in ECOMPLY, please let us know via live-chat or email.

Does ECOMPLY offer consulting services or document checks?

No, ECOMPLY is a software company. We do not provide any consulting or legal services, for example checking contracts. We are happy to refer you to partner companies who provide these services. 

Do I need to use your software only once?

There’s a misconception that GDPR is only a one-time project. GDPR is a law that asks companies to keep maintaining, updating and changing the records as your company grows and evolves. Your customers and data protection authorities can ask for data & documents anytime.

How will your software help me after the deadline?

After the deadline, your customers can make their data requests. We help you prepare for those data requests with only one-click.

How can I trust ECOMPLY?

We work with Rehm Datenschutz GmbH consultancy. Rehm has more than 15 years of experience in data protection. We directly take all our documents and required content from Rehm.

How does your software reduce my risks of fines?

Having a software to comply with the GDPR means that you’ve made efforts to comply. This does not guarantee that you won’t get fined but it will definitely help your case that you at least made some effort to be compliant. Moreover, you can show your one-click reports generated on ECOMPLY to solidify your case. If consumers are complaining about you then a software won’t help you.

How long is the trial?

The trial is for 14 days.

Do you need my credit card details to try it?

No, we do not need them for the free trial. Only when you want to purchase a plan.

I am not a data protection specialist, how can I use your software?

Just follow our path to compliance. It has all the checklists and guidance you need to be compliant.