Efficient data protection management for your business

GDPR Compliance can be confusing and overwhelming.
ECOMPLY.io Data Protection Management System strips down that complexity and allows small and medium sized businesses to become compliant with GDPR and national data privacy legislation, without requiring an external consultant.

Member of GDD

ISO-Certified Data Centers

Made In Germany

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Try ECOMPLY.io free of charge to see how it turns GDPR compliance into a seamless process for your business.

ECOMPLY.io guides you step by step on the path you need to take towards GDPR compliance.

ECOMPLY.io asks you what you need to answer and tells you what to do at every step. It reminds you of upcoming data protection tasks and informs you of where you stand.

ECOMPLY.io helps you identify and track your Records of Processing Activities in a legally correct, yet easy and fast manner.

ECOMPLY.io allows you to respond to authorities and audits with auto-generated, up-to-date and valid GDPR documentation with one click.

ECOMPLY.io covers the entire GDPR – Data Subject Access Requests, Vendors, Data Breaches, Data Protection Impact Assessment, TOMs, etc.


Years of combined data protection experience have gone into making ECOMPLY.io


Businesses manage their GDPR compliance with ECOMPLY.io

The ECOMPLY.io takes you by the hand and guides you through GDPR compliance, with its intuitive design you will find your way around the program in no time. If there is an issue thanks to the outstanding service you will get a quick response. You can easily upload all your important documents to have them central in one place whenever you need them.

Tanja Voigt,
Inhouse Lawyer & DPO at Movinga

Removes a lot of hassle, good for a busy management team, Aazar is forthcoming with help. I like this app – very easy to use and actually makes me WANT to get compliant faster. They have made form-filling kind of fun. This gives me the peace of mind.

Neil Napier,
CEO at Kyvio

ECOMPLY team has cracked the complicated GDPR for me in a step-by-step process. They have all the required modules needed for the GDPR. It takes out the headache from GDPR compliance making it clear and very user-friendly.

Tomer Aharon,
Co-founder at Poptin

Great work with ecomply.io. We are a US-based global aerospace technology company and needed exactly what you have created to become compliant quickly and easily. Your UX/UI is intuitive and enjoyable to use. Thank you for making compliance simple for companies of every size!

Kristin Huntley,
Marketing Manager at Ultrax Aerospace

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