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It is not a lawyer's job, it is your job. Follow our action plan list with templates, questionnaires & policies.

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“ECOMPLY team has cracked the complicated GDPR for me in a step-by-step process. They have all the required modules needed for the GDPR. It takes out the headache from GDPR compliance making it clear and very user-friendly.”

—  Tomer Aharon, Co-founder at Poptin


“For us, ECOMPLY has been an effective facilitator. By having access to a comprehensive list of processes, requirements and explanations we managed to save a lot of time and effort. We saved approximately 2 months of work. After selecting the appropriate processes, we were able to add our own, internal activities. This helped us build a comprehensive database of processes, in a single format. Also, the ECOMPLY team has always been open to answering questions when we couldn’t figure something out. “

— Christian Dienst, Chief Operating Officer at combyne

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No more risk of huge fines
No unnecessary, expensive outsourcing
Remain in control of your data processes and data flow

Do-It-Yourself Tool

Save 20,000€ by doing it yourself because you know your company better than an external consultant.

Competitive Edge

Only 5% of companies are compliant by now. Acquire new customers by getting ahead of your competitors.

Create Reports for the Authorities

Create reports and documents for authorities. This reduces your risk of getting fined.

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Do you take any liability or give any guarantee to your customers?

We do not take any liability for our customers. There’s no guarantee that by using our software you won’t get fined. Nobody can guarantee you that. Guarantees like these given by anyone should be a red flag for you.

I already have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), Why do I still need your software?

Good that you have a DPO. They are currently juggling with Excel Sheets and Word Documents. Later, they need to create reports for your customers. We provide 1-click reporting for your DPO.

Who needs ECOMPLY?

Every company that is working with data and uses that data in any way needs ECOMPLY. The size of the company does not matter.

I have less than 250 employees, do I still need to use your software?

If your company processes, uses, and stores data then you need our software. For example, a five people company developing a photo creating app needs us because they process a lot of personal data in the app.

What if your software is missing something?

We do not provide any consulting services. However, if we are missing something that can be incorporated in a software, please let us know. We are not responsible for updating your policies or formulating them from a legal perspective.

Do I need to use your software only once?

There’s a misconception that GDPR is only a one-time project. GDPR is a law that asks companies to keep maintaining, updating and changing the records as your company grows and evolves. Your customers and data protection authorities can ask for data & documents anytime.

How will your software help me after the deadline?

After the deadline, your customers can make their data requests. We help you prepare for those data requests with only one-click.

How can I trust ECOMPLY?

We work with Rehm Datenschutz GmbH consultancy. Rehm has more than 15 years of experience in data protection. We directly take all our documents and required content from Rehm.

How does your software reduce my risks of fines?

Having a software to comply with the GDPR means that you’ve made efforts to comply. This does not guarantee that you won’t get fined but it will definitely help your case that you at least made some effort to be compliant. Moreover, you can show your one-click reports generated on ECOMPLY to solidify your case. If consumers are complaining about you then a software won’t help you.

How long is the trial?

The trial is for 14 days.

Do you need my credit card details to try it?

No, we do not need them for the free trial. Only when you want to purchase a plan.

I am not a data protection specialist, how can I use your software?

Just follow our path to compliance. It has all the checklists and guidance you need to be compliant.