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Our Story:

Edward Snowden’s revelations caused us to pay more attention to our data. Just like us, the European Parliament had that realization and turned into law – the GDPR. We quickly realized that this is a domain-changing law. While the law is written for the people, it is actually the organizations of the world that have to act first. In Germany, there is a history of data protection. Here, many companies have already started thinking and acting, even before the GDPR. But in most other countries of the world, this is not the case.

We are here to build the bridge between an issue that we care about – data protection – and the practical challenge that companies face in putting data protection into action. It is easy to talk about the theory. But what about actually doing it? And not just once, but continuously?

We were able to pull together an excellent team for this job in the heart of Munich.

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