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The GDPR article 30 wants you to maintain records of processing activity. Data Mapping Directory is the answer to your questions.

Create and map business processes for your data inventory. Our software helps you in fulfilling the requirements of article 30 GDPR i.e. Records of Processing Activities

Simple navigating features and powerful results.


It is mission critical to bring all the right stakeholders for the data protection. Bring them onboard. Easily create stakeholder management so that you get done with the GDPR as fast as possible.

You’ve got it!

We guide you to manage your records of processing activity according to your departments. We help you in the create processes and update them.

We’ve made it easy!

With us, forward it to the right person or department if unclear.

Always there for you!

We provide smooth reporting of the data flows and reporting for internal stakeholders and your data protection authority. helps you with a step-by-step processes for the general data protection regulation. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to use. Say goodbye to Excel sheets!

Save 150 hours of documentation

Save money by documenting internally

Automate work and be more efficient

Analyze risks based on your documentation

Keep knowledge and control in-house

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